How to Use Cannabis for Hangovers

A hangover can feel like a sort of punishment after a night of partying and too much booze. Oftentimes the body feels dehydrated and depleted of nutrients and life sometimes… While there is no magic pill for a hangover, old wives’ tales have been circling around people that feel “rough around the edges” for years now and it’s no wonder how THC got its nickname as The Hangover Cure. The healing properties in cannabis can help the hungover body with some of its worst symptoms. Now more studies and evidence are leading to the potential of using cannabis for hangovers.

Check out the evidence that points to how cannabis can help with a hangover, including which strains could help depending on your symptoms, we’ll also point you in the right direction to find the best strains from cannabis dispensaries near you.

How can Cannabis Help Hangovers

Sufficient research linking cannabis as a direct cure for hangovers is still lacking. Cannabis can indeed help the symptoms caused by hangover but doesn’t actually “cure” you. Based on research done for chronic issues, there have been multiple studies that link cannabis as an anti-inflammatory and that by releasing serotonin that attaches to brain receptors, it can block nausea and vomiting.

The toxins in alcohol linger in the body and create a hangover, which is the body’s reaction to flushing it out. During an excessive night of drinking, “breaking the seal” resulting in frequent peeing, is a quick way to eliminate alcohol in the bloodstream. However, good electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium are flushed out with the urine leaving you the next day with dry eyes, excessive thirst, and potentially a terrible headache. According to experts, cannabis may treat hangover symptoms the way it helps people who are undergoing chemotherapy, which can have similar effects on the body as excessive drinking. Cancer patients and those with a bad hangover can turn to CBD and other phytocannabinoids and give their appetite a boost and help deal with low energy and fatigue. Experts have noted that CBD could also offer fast relief to headaches and migraines by expanding the blood vessels.

Recommended Cannabis Strains

These are only a few strains of marijuana that can be included in your hangover recovery process.

● Harlequin: One of the more popular strains, Harlequin has a solid CBD:THC ratio and a gentle mood boost. This strain’s soothing, happy buzz can work wonders on the hangover.
● Dancehall: This strain only has 2% THC and 20% CBD. The CBD content will help decrease the inflammatory effects of a headache without too much of a “buzzed” feeling.
● Cannatonic: With 75% CBD and 25% THC, this is the preferred strain for people who wish to keep it lowkey and relax. The higher CBD content will keep the head settled with a mellow head buzz.
● Hindu Kush: The name alone is sort of mystical – and the physical relief it offers despite having low THC is nothing short of spiritual.

Where to Get Cannabis Products

The best place to find cannabis products for managing hangovers is in licensed marijuana dispensaries. There are many shops out there that offer reasonably priced but high-quality cannabis products.

Some dispensaries in Long Beach, California, provide shipping and curbside pick up options during these times. All you have to do is check their website to see if their services cover your area or where the nearest location is for pick ups.

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